What options are available to me when I am writing/reading a discussion?

Would you like to answer or comment on a post? Then you have a variety of options available to you. You can report, hyperlink to, or quote posts. To do so, move your pointer over a post. Then the following options will appear:

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Report a post
Here, you can report posts that: 1. Contain links to illegal sites, pirated copies, etc. 2. Only serve to advertise a product. 3. Or involve another important issue not listed under point 1 or point 2.

Hyperlink a post
With one click on “Hyperlink post” within the corresponding post, the post is automatically hyperlinked in your response.

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Quoting complete posts, individual passages, or only some words is now possible by simply highlighting them and clicking the “Quote” button. 1) If you click on the “Quote” button in a certain post, an answer field with the complete text of the post opens automatically. 2) If you only identify passages of text, the “Quote” button appears directly below the highlighted text.

You can edit and delete your own posts after you make them. To delete one of your posts, click on “Edit,” select “Delete post,” and then click “Submit.”