How can I start a chat

To get in touch with another fotocommunity member via the messenger, you can use all the features you are familiar with from QuickMail or Fotomail. You can use the “WRITE” button under a photo in large view or in the profile or continue to click on the online status “ON OFF IDLE” in the forum to send the member a message.

You can also switch directly to the messenger view by clicking on the envelope symbol next to your small profile picture in the top right-hand corner of the fotocommunity menu. To start a conversation, click on the icon or on “CREATE” if you do not yet have an active conversation.

You will then be shown all the contacts from the fotocommunity that you follow or are friends with.

Click on the – icon to the right of the name to start a conversation.

You can now enter your message in the text field and send it by pressing ENTER or the send icon.