Can I register again after deleting my account?

Yes, in principle it is possible that you register in the fotocommunity again after the deletion of your account.

Please note, however, that with the deletion of your account all data, photos and contacts will be lost. Your data will be deleted irrevocably and cannot be recovered. You can register with a new account. Therefore, we would recommend you to have your user account rest in the form of Free membership. During this time, you can, for example, turn off notifications by e-mail.

If you’re interested, simply log in with your existing access. You then keep your story in the fotocommunity and your profile information, your credit, your comments, friends, favorites, and of course your pictures (if they do not exceed the scope of free membership).

Note: if you have not uploaded any photos, your profile does not appear in the user list. If you have not written any comments, you can only be found by those who know your member name or profile link.