Why there is a upload limit?

fotocommunity provides an upload-limit. It’s important to keep the relation between uploaded photos and written comments. Only by installing an upload-limit we can make sure that every uploaded photo in fotocommunity gets the attention it deserves.

As a trial-member you have two uploads every two days, as a member 7 photos within seven days. Free-guests can upload one photo every seven days. Here’s a link to our account-information including the upload-limits: Accountinformation

The upload-limit works like a carousel with 7 trays which are emptied after seven days; not loaded trays stay clear.

This means: If you upload a photo on January 1st at 00:00 h, this photos tray will be emptied on January 8th at 00:00 h and you can use this tray for a new upload.

If you want to make a change to the photo and you have to delete it, you can do this within 30 minutes after the upload without losing it (the upload). If the photo is online more than 30 minutes you can delete it, but the upload is gone and you’ll have to wait until the tray would be emptied (7 days after the original upload).

To save uploads is not possible. This would mean that every user could upload a whole bunch of photos after some absence here in fotocommunity which would push other users photos backwards and those photos wouldn’t be seen and commented.

To have fun in fotocommunity the relation between uploads and comments is quite important.