Which channels are there in the fotocommunity?

The photocommunity is divided into channels. Each channel is divided into sections and subsections. That is why it makes sense to upload pictures to the right channel and to sort them into the right section. Only this way your pictures can get the attention and feedback of those who work on the same themes or with the same techniques.

ou can upload pictures to any channel, except for the “Popular Photos” “Editor’s Choice” and “Homepage Photos” galleries..


beautiful blonde is in a magical place in the meadowPopular Photos
This is a gallery of the community’s “Best of” chosen by its users.




The photographerHomepage Photos
Here you can find all the editor’s picks that have been displayed on the homepage in chronological order. Have fun browsing!



Bildschirmfoto 2015-02-11 um 15.39.56Subjects
Themes In the “Subjects” channel, you can find pictures from the fields of architecture, sport, industrial, documentary, and art photography, together with images of technology and transport , such as photos of trains and trams, of everyday design and naturally still life photography.


Speaker at Business Conference and Presentation.Special
Here you can find pictures on photographic themes, techniques, and interest areas. Capture techniques from overexposure to fisheye, panorama to zoom. User meetings, events, pictures of exhibits, get-togethers, fairs, etc.


The BitePeople
Whether a pregnancy photograph, the picture of a celebrity or a child, a portrait or a beauty shot; whether posed, stage or authentic, this is the place for picturesof people.



Whether erotic pictures or studio nudes or nudes en plein air, there are no limits to a photographer’s creativity. Lingerie images can also be found in the Nudes channel, Nude photography, Nude images, together with erotic portraits and body art.


Red squirrel - EichhörnchenNature
Nature photography is on of the most loved and most diverse photography genres. Nature photography is not just pictures of landscapes, flowers and animals, but also natural themes of the elements fire, water, air, and earth; of the sky and the universe, stones, minerals and natural phenomena.


Digital photo editing exists since the dawn of digital photography. Digital image editing allows digital photos to be modified in order to correct those mistakes which arise at the time of capture, such as blur, low contrast and light, or noise.


Red hot chili girl
Young people up to the age of 25 have the possibility to display their photos/photographs/images and works. It is a space for their sometimes particular views, from analog photography through lomo to digital and mobile device photography.


Scenic night view of Tower Bridge in all its magnificence - LondTravel
Vacation, the travel, the trip: all these bring a good chance to activate the camera, travel photography, from Apulia to Cyprus, urban life in foreign cultures, city sight, from the metropolis to the smallest village, holiday themes or sights from home directly at your front door.