Rules for Models in the fotocommunity

Meanwhile, many models have found their way into the photo community. This is good because so benefit photographers and models of one another.

To act as a model in the fotocommunity requires some rules and supporting information. The following references and links can help you to better cope here, to learn more about other users and do not forget above all the fun.

Rules for models

Persons who may have not attained the age of 18 within the fotocommunity cannot model nor advertise their own model activities in any form. For minors, it is therefore not permitted:

  • Adjust photos in one of the two model sections
  • Put links to photographers
  • Nominate photographers under photos
  • Adjust photos in the nude channel
  • referencing the profile for model activities
  • to make an entry in the model database
  • advertise in the model forum.

Applies for all:

  • no nude photos in youth channel
  • no links to pornographic offers
  • no URLs within an uploaded image, which indicate paysites with a member area (i.e. not all are freely accessible)
  • no nude photos as profile pictures.