Nude Guidelines


fotocommunity sees itself as a space for freedom of creativity, but: no freedom without responsibility! And our responsibility begins where it matters to protect youth and human rights…

There has always been rules or guidelines within fotocommunity to grant those and to help protect those self set standards. But because of the very strict interpretation of those rules and guidelines we often experienced critic and misunderstanding.
That is why we had an admin and channel manager workshop for those team members involved with nude matters and reevaluated our guidelines in order to make them more understandable and better to inforce for the future, thanks to you and your critics! We always understand ourselves to serve you and your ambitions here at fotocommunity and we want to thank you for your input! Without you, this wouldn’t be the place it is, and that is exactly the way we want it to be, a place where we all feel comfortable!
From December 1st 2006, the new guidelines will be valid for all uploaded images. Before that date we will not inforce those rules but go by the old ones valid to that date.

Good protection of young people and awareness of all societies rights and honors, that is our goal. You can help us to achieve that goal by just checking if the images you contribute to this photographic community go along with those rules. Please always keep in mind that we are a community which main goal is to improve our hobby, photography, much more than being an erotic web site! For amateurs, for professionals, for models, for artists, FOR YOU! Many thanks for your contributions and for helping to enforce those guidelines starting December 1st 2006.

When in doubt, the assumption that any of the following terms is not obeyed will be enough to deactivate a photo. We will decide on the single case if necessary. A judgement under artful aspects can not be done.

Erections must not be shown b. display of the open female genital is not allowed c. the explicit display of the anus is not allowed d. any photo focussing on genitals or having genitals as main topic of the image are not allowed

Showing of Sperm or substitutes is not allowed.

Dildos and SubstitutesDildos and similar objects are allowed in a picture as as long as they are not shown inserted what so ever.

Bondage is permitted in terms of soft or deco bondage. The traditional Japanese or any other forms of real and/or extreme bondage.


The display of SM practices is generally allowed but the staging – a conscious dicussion with the topic – has to be recognizable. Representations which humiliate or torment the model or plain documentations are not allowed. Practices which can cause damage are not allowed. These can be cutting, branding and extreme piercings in a sexual content. Images of methods which can be vital such as breath control methods (strangling, breath reduction via PLASTIC foil or completely closed masks), strangulation, killing scenes, … Overall we assume for SM images: As long as images follow the rules of safe SM (safe, sane and consentual), it will hardly ever lead to a deactivation of an image.

Sexual actionsexplicit sexual actions (such as penetration) are not allowed. Fake actions (set of mind) and hetero- and homosexual petting scenes are allowed as long as they don’t concern the genital area.

Fotocommunity must not be used as direct or indirect advertisement platform for: professional erotic sites nor pay sites with SM or fetish contents. Web adresses in the image, title or image description will lead to deactivation of the image.

Potentially damaging contents and activities

– Feces scenes must not be uploaded. – splatter scenarios are not allowed either.

Model age

minors under 18 years of age must not advertise for a model activity and the word “model” within the username is not allowed. Images displaying minor models will be removed from fotocommunity. The assumption of the model being under 18 years will be enough to do so.

displaying of weapons being aimed towards people or the viewer are not allowed as well as scenes with people aiming at themselves.

Cultural or traditional reasons for depicting misuse of people or animals will not be accepted under FC guidelines.

Fotocommunity reserves the right to update and ammend these rules without prior notice. “