How do I write constructive feedback?

Clear feedback rules help to write comments

Feedback should be formulated unbiased. There is no “bad” – there is only “different”!

a comment should not be like that

it should not be like that

Feedback should be given from the first-person perspective and should not generalize. Therefore, avoid statements like “That’s bad!” Or “That’s crap!”

example for a helpful comment

example for a helpful comment

Using phrases like: “From my point of view …” or “I think that …” the same content can be said without making a general statement.

Feedback must not hurt. Personal attacks against the photographer or the depicted model are out of place!

Feedback should be constructive. Criticism should therefore always be continued with “… because …”. This would open the way for the criticized user to understand your opinion and to have a starting point for his own considerations.

Feedback is good! Not every criticism of your picture or your contribution to the discussion is a criticism of your person! Feedback is always an occasion to think about yourself.

Constructive comments are allowed and desired everywhere in our fotocommunity!