How do I find events in my area?

photographers on objectAre you looking for an event near you? Then take a look at our event calendar. You can find it under the navigation point “Events”. In our calendar, you can find all of our reserved tables, user get-togethers and events by users of the fotocommunity.

By default, all events in a 100 km radius from your position and from the current position are shown in the overview. Events are always color-coded. All internal photocommunity events such as reserved tablesm user get-togethers, fc-exhibits are yellow, while external suggestions, such as event and workshop suggestions are blue.

You can comment on an event, just like on a photo. You can also sign up for an event or show interest in it. As soon as you have done so, the event will automatically show up in the “My Community” area on the column under your profile picture.