How can I present myself as a model in the community?

To present yourself as a model photo community member as best as possible, the following methods are available to you:

Your own sed card
As an expanded or sole profile, the sed card allows you to provide all the information that photographers who are searching for models are interested in. This information is taken into account in the special sed card search. In addition, personal text next to some well-chosen, representative sed card pictures is sure to be well-received. You can also make your sed card directly into your first profile page.

We receive inquiries from models every day asking us to set up shoots with photographers.

Still, this photo community doesn’t think of itself as a placement agency, but rather as a community for photographers, and our users design it along with us themselves.

This means that when you, as a model, are looking for photographers, and, say, would like to find out under what conditions a shoot would be possible, please just go ahead and make contact with the respective photographer yourself. Your self-initiative and the direct route will make negotiations easier, wait times will be bypassed, and misunderstandings (games of “telephone”) will be avoided.