How can I manage my folders?

With folders, you are able to exhibit your photos in a structured way. They are comparable to the sections in the public channels. When you upload an image, you can decide if you

  • only in a public channel,
  • only in one of your folders or
  • in the public channel as well as in a folder


Managing fotohome folders
In the menu, click on My community / My photos / Folders, and you will arrive here:


You can store images in a certain folder simply using drag-and-drop (drag and drop with the mouse).

Create new folder
To create a new folder, click on the “+” sign to the right of the word “folder.”

Please note: The number of possible folders depends on your membership.


Folder preview image
In the folder-editing interface, you can select a folder preview image from the images present in a fotohome folder as soon as the folder contains at least one photo.


Here you can learn about the visibility of folders, which you can adjust in the folder-editing interface.

Delete or edit folders
Click on the small editing symbol next to each folder (when you move your mouse over the area directly to the right of the folder graphic).

If the folder to be deleted contains images, they are deleted, too, and recovery is not possible! If you only want to delete the folder, you need to move the images into another folder first..