How can I create a new discussion in the forum?

Would you like to create a new discussion in a particular forum? Then please click on “Create a new discussion” on the corresponding forum page. Here you also have the option of marking all the current discussions in this forum as read with one click

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Create a new discussion.
There are 5 different options available for formatting your own posts. The options, from left to right:

1) bold types
2) italics
3) underlined type
4) list with bullets
5) list with numbers
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Please note that if you want to format text into a list (numbered or with bullet points), an asterisk in brackets [*] needs to be placed at the beginning of each row. The text is then selected with the mouse, and the corresponding option is chosen, e.g.

[*]Photography 1
Hyperlink your photos using fc tags

These “tags” are possible:
[fc-calendar:00000] -> linking to an appointment
[fc-channel:0] -> linking to a channel
[fc-section:000] -> linking to a section

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