How can I cancel my subscription?

Important: Please be aware that your account is automatically set to Free membership after cancellation. And among other things the following advantages change for you in the fotocommunity:

  • All photos that surpass the 100 photos of Free membership will be deleted
  • You only have 2 photo folders
  • You do not have full access to all forums anymore
  • You can no longer access the nude area

Upon termination of a premium membership this will continue until the end of the paid period and then ends automatically. There are no additional costs and you can continue to use the Free membership the fotocommunity. We recommend to just let the free membership continue to run to not lose your contacts and data.

Termination with one-off payment.
If you have made a one-off payment (in the amount of 5.50 euros), no notice is required. The Premium Membership ends automatically after expiry of the paid period.

Cancel payments by credit card, debit card or Click & Buy.
You can cancel your subscription at the fotocommunity in the “Balance” area. Simply click the “Cancel existing subscription” link. Your subscription will be canceled at the earliest opportunity. Please note that a cancellation can only happen within 5 days before the expiry of the subscription at the latest.

Termination when you pay with PayPal.
In order to terminate your membership in the fotocommunity, you have to log in at PayPal. Please proceed then as described below in the pictures. After successful termination of the subscription payment you receive a confirmation from PayPal via email.