General Contest Rules

Scope of application:
Entering the contest you acknowledge these conditions as a binding arrangement between you and fotocommunity. Conflicting terms and conditions for your part will not be accepted.

Entry rules:
Eligible are all users – even non-paying members – of fotocommunity, who are of legal age. Employees, shareholders and administrators of fotocommunity, jury members and also employees and shareholders from any sponsors are excluded from participation. As far as individuals are excluded as mentioned above, affiliated persons are affected just as well.

Course of event:
During the upload phase every eligible user of fotocommunity can upload photographs into the contest section. At the same time every fotocommunity member with a pay-membership can vote on submitted photographs within the contest section (user voting). The images are rated with a score system of 10 points (highest score) down to 1 point (lowest score). In case of equal votes the proposal will be selected by lot.
When a contest includes several international fotocommunity appearances (eg. de, it, fr, es, com), 35 qualifiers from the various fotocommunity sites will be chosen by a pre-fixed rate. During the subsequent voting phase every qualified photo will be rated by a jury (jury voting), autonomous from the user voting. After the jury voting phase the winners will be announced. Legal recourse is excluded.
The exact dates of the particular phases and, if applicable, the quotes of the other qualifiers are given in the contest description.

You may only submit photographs you took yourself and on which you still own all copyrights.
Identifiable persons on the photographs have to consent to the publication. Hereby you firmly assure compliance with these conditions. As far as third parties claim infringements of the set of regulations or other rights, especially property rights, the disputed photographs can be taken out of the contest under the sole discretion of fotocommunity administration. Only photos submitted during the upload phase and meeting the conditions of the contest description (such as subject, technique) will be considered. The maximum number of photos you may submit results from the contest description.

Copyright naming:
During the upload phase the photographs are anonymous. This implies that the photographs you submit are not shown publicly outside the competition in violation of section 2 sentence 1 of the Terms of fotocommunity. Only you can view your photos in “My community – my photos” marked with an “a” for anonymous. Until cancelation of anonymity your name won’t be visible under your contest photo.
The photograph must be free of signatures, logos and names. Any hint to the copyright owner is prohibited. You waive your right to be named as author during the user voting phase, in case of participation in the jury voting until the announcement of the jury’s decision.

Advanced grant of rights:
You agree to the use of your photograph in context of press coverage, also online (such as blogs, news ticker, etc.), exclusively about the contest after the announcement of the jury’s decision, waiving compensation and territorial restrictions against any third party, and you concede the corresponding rights of use to any third party.


German law shall apply. Place of jurisdiction for all obligations resulting from the competition is Cologne in Germany.