Can I present photos in full-screen?

Yes, we are working on that. Full-screen display of your photos will be available after our introductory period. Therefore your photos must at least measure 1920 x 1280 pixels (also known as “HD” or “Full HD” resolution) and full-screen displays needs to be activated for your Portfolio. How to re-upload your photos for full-screen display:

  1. Check to see if your photos have already been uploaded with the required dimensions. For older pictures you can find the link “Change Photo” in full screen modus.
  2. Select “channel section and other information” and “re-upload original image” below the desired original picture.
  3.  Save the updated original picture by clicking “OK”.
 How to activate full-screen display of your photos:
  1. If your already have created a Portfolio, visit the “Edit portfolio” page and click “edit
  2.  Activate the “Fullscreen” option of the “Design” section.